Judo Biography of Christopher Miller

  • Shodan, Judo
  • Nikyu, Kendo
  • Co-author of the book “Mixed Martial Arts Unleashed” – McGraw-Hill, 2008 – ISBN 0071598901 / 9780071598903
  • Competes fairly occasionally in Judo and grappling tournaments:

2010 Budokan Masters Champion
2010 Budokan Senior Male -100kg Champion
2009 Eastern Ontario Masters Champion
2009 Senior International Cup Judo Champion;
2009 Copa Ontario BJJ Champion;
2008 Joslin's Canadian Open BJJ Champion;
2008 Budokan Judo Champion;

2008 Budokan Judo Champion - Black Belt division, Senior Male, -90kg.

  • Wrote a Masters' Thesis, resurrecting the sport of Ancient Greek Submission Wrestling, the rules of which had been lost to antiquity until he unearthed them and we hosted the first-in-millennia demonstration competition at our dojo in The Mouse Room. You can check it out here.

  • Moderator of "Combat and Self-Defense" forum on Judoinfo.com
  • Appears in a number of videos on this site and contributed a great deal in terms of ideas and knowledge
  • Works as a high school history teacher
  • For fun outside of Judo, Chris enjoys raising three little ones, running and doing many, many, pushups and chin-ups.

Here's a link to a new page showing Chris using Kesa Gatame as a submission in a recent tournament. There is also a link there to quite a lively debate on the Judo Info forum site about Kesa Gatame submissions that you may also find interesting.  



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