UFC TUF9 The Ultimate Fighter US vs UK – Season 9 – Episode 3

UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 – US versus UK episode 3 aired last night. As much as I don’t want to dislike someone from the beginning, really it’s important to be mature and give the other person a chance to prove his worth, I couldn’t stand Rob Browning from the first instant. He was seriously drunk the first night in the house. The guys were just starting to settle in and get to know one another (even though they each had problems with one another’s accents) and there was Junie’s kid brother snockered. He lobbed raw eggs at the guys who were on the basketball court, had an altercation with a Brit in the house, urinated in the shower, and had an altercation with an American (an equal opportunity drunk) before smashing that guy in the chest with an egg. All this on the first night. I guess we shouldn’t have expected a smarter Browning kid.

Interestingly, both teams were disgusted by his behaviour and agreed about what they DID NOT want to have happen in the house - food incidents, bodily fluid incidents, etc. Browning’s antics solidified the house all in one night; I doubt if that’s what he intended.

This episode showed the two groups training with their coaches, Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson. (A note about Bisping – it looks like he’s going to be playing mind games with the Americans to psych them out.) Henderson thinks that the UK guys have limited experience on the ground, although we saw some solid techniques in the first episode. Bisping plans on training exactly the way he does at home and his guys were not holding back when sparring.

The two remaining places for the US team had still to be determined, so Kiel Reid was to fight Frank Lester for the welterweight position. Reid is a wrestler with a laid-back appearance, speaking in a monotone. Lester is a former armed forces guy and stand up fighter.

Reid started by punching Lester, causing Lester to drop. While on the ground, with Lester on the bottom just holding on, Reid didn’t manage anything. When standing again, Lester landed a solid punch. While Lester was attempting an arm bar from standing, Reid (his arm still tied up) did a take down, driving his own head into the mat and knocking himself out. Lester still had the arm bar and was reefing on it, probably not aware that Reid was out. Luckily the referee came in to stop the match.

Reid refused to acknowledge that he’d lost and went away saying multiple times that Lester couldn’t beat him. (His arm was in a sling at the final interview, so Lester did some damage.) This reminds me of Frank Mir and Kaplan, both of whom said the Kaplan was the better fighter in his match against Junie Browning, when Kaplan LOST. Accept that on that day you lost, the other guy won.

The second fight was between Rob Browning and Jason Dent. Dent has had many fights, but the numbers he said and those on the screen didn’t match up, so I’m saying somewhere between 18 and 22 wins and eight or nine losses. Browning had a record of 4 and 0 going in to this match.

Browning was the aggressor from the bell, with punches and kicks, most with no combinations. Dent seemed to do very little, just some sporadic kicks and then tried to stay out of the way. Browning attempted a take down and then started the combos. Dent then applied some strong inside and outside leg kicks. Browning failed at another take down attempt and ended up on the bottom with Dent kneeing his side, doing some ground and pound and elbows. Browning covered up and eventually did nothing to stop the onslaught. TKO – referee stoppage.

We now have the entire contingent of sixteen fighters and will start the elimination process next week. UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 TUF9 US versus UK airs on Spike Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST.

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April 16, 2009

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