The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 TUF10 – Episode 10

The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 TUF10 – Episode 10 had the quarter final bout between Brendan Schaub, a former NFLer who trains with Jackson’s MMA, and Jon Madsen, a former wrestling champion who trains with Matt Hughes‘ group.

Schaub is a boxer with four inches in height and 7 1/2 inches in reach over Madsen. He considered that Madsen was one-dimensional as a fighter, being only a wrestler.

During the training sessions, Evans left Schaub to train with his teammates (who worked with Schaub on how to avoid take downs) but later coached Madsen himself. 

Dana White said he thought that if the fight remained standing, Schaub had the advantage; on the ground, it would be Madsen.

During the episode, we followed the coaches in their beach volleyball game. Neither coach had played volleyball beyond childhood, but got progressively better with Jackson winning the first game, Evans, the second, and then Evans, the third and last, in a very close game. Jackson can’t seem to win against Evans.

Matt Mitrione‘s quarter final match against McSweeney is not yet definite. He told everyone that he had swelling of the brain and headaches. The coaches did not believe him about the swelling.

Mitrione told people he only wanted the show to be over so that he could go home to his normal life. He really looked stunned most of the time and spoke slowly, as with difficulty. Evans was prepared to tell White that Mitrione was not fighting, although I don’t think that happened.

As for whether Kimbo Slice could fight in Mitrione’s stead, that is up in the air as well: Slice sustained a knee injury during training. After an MRI and examination, the doctor told Slice that he had no cartilage in some parts of the knee. In order to assist him, he could have a cortisone injection to reduce the swelling. Slice did not want a needle and spent the rest of the show with his knee wrapped. His teammates had him sitting in an ice bath to reduce the swelling. I guess it didn’t occur to him that only his knee required the ice.

Schaub versus Madsen, Round 1: Madsen immediately attempted a take down and, on his second attempt, succeeded. He ended up in Schaub’s half guard at the fence. Thus began Schaub’s grabbing of the fence at total of ten times during the match. He was warned but had no points taken off. Madsen didn’t accomplish anything on the ground and Schaub moved around a bit. The referee had them stand up.

Madsen attempted a take down again, but this time, Schaub grabbed the fence to stuff the take down. He should have been penalized here. They remained at the fence one pushing the other against it and then Schaub grabbed Madsen’s shorts.

Madsen had another take down and side control and, for some reason, went into half guard. He didn’t accomplish anything in either position.

Round 2 began without punching by the boxer or wrestling by the wrestler. Schaub threw a few punches and knees when in the clinch. Madsen was backing up and Schaub followed and as Madsen dropped his hands, Schaub did two straight punches and Madsen was down and out.

Schaub should be working on his ground game: he stuffed a couple of take down attempts, but grabbed the fence in one. He had no idea how to get out from under when on the ground. Madsen managed take downs but didn’t do anything when he had the superior position. Not an interesting fight.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 TUF10 is one Wednesdays at 10 EST on Spike.

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November 19, 2009

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