…Little Things Pt 2 Addendum

In our class yesterday, Chris was demonstrating koshi jime (hip choke). Basically uke is in a loose turtle. Tori reaches over uke’s shoulder – the shoulder right beside him – and grabs the opposite lapel.  With his other hand, tori goes under uke’s opposite arm and grabs uke’s other lapel. It’s essentially okuri eri jime at that point. Tori then moves his hip onto uke’s first shoulder, pushing himself into uke and moving his legs out around uke’s head until uke is flattened and the choke tight. The choke is very strong.

Dave has, for many years, been successfully using a counter to that choke and demonstrated it for us.  It works by posting the first arm before Chris quite got into position. Even though Chris (tori) had his hip on Dave’s shoulder, he couldn’t push the shoulder down sufficiently and Dave actually ended up flipping Chris over to get a shoulder lock.

As we watched and analyzed the technique and Dave’s counter, I stepped in to attempt the choke. (I may teach basic chokes, but rarely do them with any force since I have developed arthritis in several finger joints and the thumb joint by the wrist in my right hand. The chokes tend to hurt me more than my opponent. :) ) I just wanted to get into position to see if there were a counter to the counter.

Since the problem was Dave’s posting of the arm, the arm would have to be dealt with before tori’s hip could get into the correct position. I couldn’t use my feet, because then I couldn’t have my legs out to go around uke’s head.  Instead, I drove my knee against his elbow, forcing uke’s arm down and underneath, and before he could get his arm out, pushed my hip against his shoulder and stretched my legs out. It worked and was easy. Dave is going to have to find another counter. A little thing.

Here’s a link to a video describing the choke, the counter, and the counter to the counter: Koshi Jime and counters.

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December 13, 2008

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One Response to “…Little Things Pt 2 Addendum”

  1. dmalar Says:

    Dave Here…

    It was definitely an interesting class last night!

    I have been using a counter to Koshi Jime for quite a few years, but last night while doing some ground fighting with Chris, serendipity stepped in, and a slightly new flavour of the same counter happened wherein I wound up trapping Chris’s lapel-gripping arm, and using it as a shoulder lock, forcing him to flip over, giving me the top position. We decided to explore the counter further, and that’s where Ayjay’s post above begins.

    After reproducing the new counter a few times and finding it to be successful, Ayjay stepped in and figured out a counter to the counter – one that will probably work on the original as well as the new version! Too bad for me, I guess (since Chris will be much more dangerous to me with his Koshi Jime), but GREAT for everyone else.

    I’m just kidding, of course – it’s great for me too – It’ll force me to find new ways of countering his attacks, and he’ll find new ways of countering my counters, and we’ll all get better and better – that’s what it’s all about!