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Fight for The Troops 2008/12/10

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Since we live on a sailboat (see, we have limited space in which to sit and watch television, basically an area about 13.5′x8′.  We make a lot of noise, sometimes with as many as eight people crammed in here, commenting on the fights and laughing and groaning.  Charlie the bird (see website above) wants to be involved and screams louder and louder in order to get out of his cage or to get attention.  It’s an experience.  So you can imagine what the evening was like: not only were we making a lot of noise, but Charlie was screaming, and the television was blaring with announcers, music, and troops howling. It was something special.  We may tape it some day.

I won’t comment on all the fights: some were so short (a good shot here and he’s down); most were standing virtually the whole time and I generally won’t comment there.

Cantwell did a beautiful ude hishigi juji gatame on Al-Hassan to end their match.  It looked bad when he did it and much worse in slow motion, showing the elbow poking forward – that’s when we had groans here. Gak. Al-Hassan should have tapped out earlier!

About this fight: As soon as Dave heard that Al-Hassan was a TKD guy, he said there’d be problems. The guy stood too straight with neck extended and his arms were in front of his chest (they don’t punch to the head in TKD). Literally seconds after Dave commented, Joe Rogan said the same thing and so Dave said that he’d just said that. It went on.

Regarding the Wolff and Saunders fight: We’re sure that Wolff would have had to go to the hospital.  There were so many knees to the head, his forehead was hugely swollen.  The fight should have been stopped earlier. Wolff looked far, far, worse than Ken Shamrock on his night of a thousand bee stings (the fight against Ortiz a few years ago when he looked as though he’d been stung a thousand times).

The main event was between Koscheck and Yoshida.  We were keen to see Yoshida as he’s a top judoka in Japan. He had mentioned worrying about Koscheck’s big looping right. Why was his left hand down? It should have been up by his temple the whole time. He was out on his feet after the first solid punch with that right hand. Sad.

A final note: I don’t know about the Wolff and Saunders fight since I don’t think they gave the tale of the tape for them, but other than Cantwell versus Al-Hassan, I think everyone who had a reach advantage won.  Does anyone keep tabs?


December 11, 2008