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UFC 110

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

This UFC was the first of many, I’m sure, in Australia. The Aussies seemed to love MMA and the athletes.

The fight between Wanderlei Silva and Michael Bisping in UFC 110 had Silva successfully completing both a right-sided ko uchi gari and a left-sided version of the same throw in the following round.

Ko uchi gari is the minor inner reaping throw which involves taking your leg and reaping out the same leg of your opponent, so if you’re using your right leg, you’d reap out uke’s right leg. This throw uses the smaller muscles and is a smaller throw than o uchi gari (major inner reaping). Silva’s versions, though, looked strong: he caught Bisping’s left leg in the first throw, and reaped out Bisping’s right leg. By catching the leg, as opposed to grasping an arm or gripping around the neck, and then stretching his own leg for a small reap, he was able to stay out of danger himself and, yet, throw Bisping to the ground. In the second throw he caught the right leg and reaped out the left leg. Our video doesn’t show the leg grab, but the principle is the same: the leg is isolated and then is taken out.  The traditional version, showing gripping of the arm and lapel or collar, of ko uchi gari can be viewed here

During the bout between Stephan Bonnar and Krzysztof Soszynski, Bonnar attempted an harai goshi when the men were in the clinch. Harai Goshi (Sweeping Hip or Loin) involves turning your back to your opponent and sweeping out his leg, although variations of position could allow throws to the side instead of to the back. Here is the traditional version of harai goshi. I think Bonnar was positioned a bit too far past Soszynski’s body. When Bonnar swept his leg, he made no contact with Soszynski at all. This is a version of harai goshi for MMAin which Dave throws to the side.

There were few submission attempts in this UFC and the only submission I saw which resulted in a win was a knee bar (Chris Lytle in his win against Brian Foster). I had hoped to write about some beautiful submissions, especially from Soszynski and other groundwork specialists, but such is not the case this time around.


February 23, 2010

…Little Things Pt 1 Addendum

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

We had our regular class yesterday.  The classes are usually small, but this was tiny – three seniors and a white belt who comes out regularly from the jiu jitsu club. Dave loves these classes because we do far more when there are fewer people: we can all work on the same thing and “study” techniques in greater depth.

Alex, our white belt, is gearing for yellow; however, there were a few throws he had not yet learned – sasae tsurikomi ashi, hiza guruma and  o uchi gari. We went into detail on each throw, way more detail than we teach if there is a larger group. 

While we were practicing sasae tsurikomi ashi (my doing uchi komi [practice throws] on Dave, Alex, on Chris), Dave suggested a different arm movement for the arm holding the lapel: basically I was to try to hoist him with that arm, pull his sleeve horizontally and then down with the other, while blocking his ankle. Also, I was to step more to the outside and beside his leg, less to the front. OK, I’ve done this throw many times over the last fifteen years, and watched and taped Dave do the throw many times as he worked for his black belt grading (and also videotaping for this website), but I’ve never done the throw like that. The throw has always felt feeble to me (i.e. my version).

This time, when I moved outside more – not too far since I am short – moved my right arm UP instead of horizontally and pulled on the other sleeve, the foot placement was incidental to the throw. The throw was so strong and easy. Chris and I just gaped at each other, saying, “We’ve done this throw how many years?” Why have I never done this arm movement like that before, or stepped out quite that way before? Who knew sasae could be so fluid and powerful?!

So after fifteen years doing throws, I learned a slightly different movement (a little thing) and, when I applied that movement, did a throw well and strongly. It was fun.

(A version of Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi for MMA is here.)

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December 13, 2008