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The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 – Ep 11 – Pt 2 of 2

Friday, December 4th, 2009

The semi-finals matches for The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 TUF10 were between Roy Nelson and James McSweeney and Brendan Schaub versus Marcus Jones.

Dana White said that Nelson had “impressed himself” with his bouts in The Ultimate Fighter. As for McSweeney, White said he was smaller than Nelson (but who isn’t?), but wants the win more and would outwork Nelson.

Rashad Evans commented that Nelson had pretty good stand up and great ground technique, whereas McSweeney had great stand up and not so great ground work.

Nelson’s preliminary bout had been with Kimbo Slice (click here to go to the article about this fight). His quarter final match was with Justin Wren (click here to go to that match).

McSweeney was at the center of the controversy in this episode. He wrote a derogatory comment on Zak Jensen’s head (Jensen was too trusting) and then blocked the bathroom door when Jensen was inside. Jensen told the camera that he was claustrophobic. When he was released from the bathroom, he went after McSweeney, who promptly put Jensen in a front guillotine.  Jensen is the fellow whom all the others had been picking on, who seems to lack social abilities. They even had a pool as to when he was going to go insane. McSweeney treated him poorly, probably thinking it was all a joke.

Click here to go to the articles about McSweeney’s preliminary and quarter final fights.

The semi-final between Nelson and McSweeney began with McSweeney applying a leg kick and Nelson’s countering with a strike. McSweeney changed stances, fired off kicks and strikes of his own. Nelson then rushed into McSweeney’s guillotine at the fence, but popped his head out.

McSweeney did some jabs and another leg kick and then started showboating, indicating to Nelson that Nelson should strike at his chin. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this. The guy drops his hands, struts about, says, in effect, come on, try it. Well, as in all other cases, Nelson did — he hit McSweeney with a hard right and rocked him.

Nelson then slammed McSweeney to the ground and moved from half guard to side control. He used the same technique that defeated Slice, grabbed the far arm, put his giant, fat belly on the opponent’s upper torso and face, trapped the near arm under a leg and used his fist to apply feeble little punches to the bit of head that’s exposed (generally the top of the guy’s head which he has no ability to defend against)  — in this case twenty-two bops. TKO referee stoppage.

White said that Nelson finally impressed him. After McSweeney’s antics, I’m glad McSweeney lost.

The remaining bout was between Marcus Jones and Brendan Schaub. Both these guys had been professional football players, but approached MMA differently: Jones has only been in MMA for two years and is extremely competent on the ground. He is also bigger than most people. Schaub is a tae kwon do and jiu jitsu guy with strong boxing skills.

Evans talked about Schaub’s “explosive punches” and Schaub said he would just let his punches go on Jones. Jones planned to take Schaub to the ground and do ground and pound.

In both of Schaub’s previous matches, he was taken down and worked from the bottom (click here for Schaub’s matches — preliminary and quarter final). The quarter final match was ugly and he should have been penalized for grabbing of the fence and his opponent’s shorts.

Marcus Jones impressed everyone with his preliminary bout against Wessel and quarter final against Schoonover.

In this semi-final, Jones took Schaub down immediately after a strike. He then went from half guard to full mount. Schaub moved from the bottom, managing to return to half guard and then to get up. A knee by Jones looked as though it would end the match, but Schaub struck out with his right hand and Jones hit the ground. Six shots followed while Jones was on the mat and the match was over.

Rampage Jackson went into the octagon to see to Jones, probably the first time he did that for any of the people on his team. He told the camera that if he had been alone, he might well have wept over the loss.

The finals of The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 TUF10 are on Spike on Saturday, the 5th of December, between Roy Nelson and Brendan Schaub.


December 4, 2009

UFC 92 Ultimate 2008

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

This UFC night was not geared to my interests (generally, lighter guys who go to the ground and use lots of submissions). In fact, no one managed a submission and I’m not sure any were attempted. Most of the fights were short and standing. The longest fight went no further than the middle of the third round.

Kongo, who had been a pro-kickboxer, punched Al Turk to the side of the head (it looked like the ear), and that was it.  Al Turk grabbed his head, wobbled, and was on the ground shortly thereafter. Elbows and hammerfists from Kongo ended the match in the first round.

Jackson‘s and Wanderlei Silva‘s fight was quick and brutal: Jackson used one solid left hook and Silva was out.

The next fight broadcast, I believe from the undercard, Pat Barry versus Dan Evensen, ended after some powerful leg kicks by Barry. Evensen’s knee buckled horribly and he was unable to stand. The end was seconds away. TKO.

In the Dollaway versus Massenzio bout, two college wrestlers who had fought before with Dollaway the winner, I thought I might have some clever submissions to talk about. Instead, while on the ground, Massenzio gave up his back and Dollaway flattened him and applied punches which couldn’t be answered. No submission, but TKO.

Matt Hamill‘s fight against Reese Andy, both wrestlers, had potential for submissions as well. Once again there were lots of punches from standing. Both guys had facial injuries: Hamill had a cut below the eye and Andy had a mouse close below the left eye. Hamill applied some heavy body shots to Andy, as well as knees. Eventually Hamill got Andy to the ground in full mount and pounded him. TKO in the second.

I had great hopes for Nogueira versus Mir. Both are Jiu Jitsu black belts, so there should be some nice submission techniques, right? Mir controlled the fight from the beginning, showing superb striking, managing right jabs, combinations, and kicks in combination with punches. In the first round he knocked Nogueira down twice, but let him get up. In the second round, Mir knocked Nogueira down again, although this time, Nogueira’s head snapped back to hit the canvas. Mir jumped in. TKO. Best boxing of the night. Co-fight of the night.

The audience were invited to post their guess as to the winner of Griffin versus Evans, with 70% believing that Griffin would win.  Evans was undefeated coming in to the match. Had they forgotten that? This fight went to the third round, with rounds one and two going to Griffin, in my opinion. His kicks were fantastic, inside, outside, at least one to the ribs. Evans changed from right stance to left several times, since his lead leg was getting mashed. In the third round, Evans took Griffin to the ground and his elbows and punches ended the champion’s reign. TKO. Griffin congratulated Evans on the fight and admitted that his guard was “lazy”. Always interesting fights with Griffin. Co-fight of the night.

The last fight broadcast was Hardonk versus Wessel, heavyweights. Wessel had Hardonk on the ground and had the top position, but let Hardonk get out and around and got himself flattened. Ground and pound followed. TKO.

I really prefer a variety of weight classes and styles. The lightest guys last night were Dollaway and Massenzio at middleweight (at least those that were broadcast). The amount of time on the ground in total for the night could be counted in minutes on one hand. When on the ground, we saw ground and pound only. Perhaps the next fight night will be better suited to my liking.


December 28, 2008