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Submission Fighting and the Rules of Ancient Greek Wrestling

 Resurrected and Re-created

by Christopher Miller and the Kakure Judo Club

Several years ago, while Kakure Judo Club was still training out of the Mouse Room (instead of our current home at the Hamilton School of Martial Arts), Chris was studying for his Masters' degree in Classics.

His thesis was on Ancient Greek Submission Wrestling, particularly on the rules of the ancient sport, long lost to antiquity.  After much research, he managed to figure out how the sport worked, and as part of his thesis presentation, asked the Kakure Judo Club if we'd be interested in participating in a re-creation of an ancient event.

We, of course, jumped at the opportunity to be the first people in a thousand or more years to participate in this sport!  Chris decided to best way to do the recreation would be in the form of a training session rather than a formal tournament since the finer points of refereeing were (and are) still not completely defined.

The results of his efforts are below:  A 36 minute video of us fighting according to the ancient Greek wrestling rules (in our re-creation, the winner of each match stayed in, the loser was replaced with a fresh combatant), an analysis of the wrestling video results, and his thesis.


Ancient Greek Submission Wrestling Video | Analysis of the Video | Ancient Greek Submisison Wrestling Thesis



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