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The purpose of this site is to promote the use of Judo in MMA and share our love of the sport in general with our series of instructional judo videos.  We believe that Judo and MMA can be combined very effectively. For Mixed Martial Arts Judo, we look in detail at the most common Judo throws, ground holds, joint locks, chokes, takedowns, turnovers, sweeps and escapes and how we've adapted them for no-gi fighting to help you (and us) win matches. You’ll see no overly-complex, low-percentage, MMA throws or ground submissions here – we’re aiming to be straight to the point and effective with our techniques, and we don't want to end up on the bottom!



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We had a great message on our Guestbook a little while ago that I thought was too perfect to leave buried and out of sight...  Here's what Clay from the Saint Louis, MO area, had to say:

"My son is in youth wrestling and at a recent match Matt Hughes was there. We went over and spoke to him and I asked where I could find dvd's to help my son in wrestling and he said I should have him watch Judo dvd's to help with his wrestling. So I say if Matt Hughes says study Judo for wrestling you know he studies Judo for MMA."

Thanks for the great post, Clay!


We'll continue to add other Judo videos depicting judo throws and other techniques that are readily adapted to MMA and no-gi use – particularly those that are unusual to the common MMA repertoire (so you’ll gain the element of surprise!). We’d also be happy to entertain requests.

Please note that in addition to our detailed how-to videos for Mixed Martial Arts  / No Gi Judo, we also have an extensive Traditional Judo video section covering everything from the basics (judo breakfalls and drills), Gokyo of judo throws, chokes, joint locks, ground holds, and ground hold escapes.

If you have questions or comments about particular techniques, or want to see a video with a specific adaptation of a technique of Judo for MMA use, please
contact us.  Good luck in your martial arts endeavours!

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Kakure Judo Club

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