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Judo Throw Videos  - Traditional Kodokan Judo Throwing Techniques

The 5 basic sets of Judo Throws - Jump To:
Ikkyo (First Set) | Nikyo (Second Set) | Sankyo (Third Set) | Yonkyo (Fourth Set) | Gokyo (Fifth Set)

There are LOADS of traditional Judo throws and variations on them.  We have only just covered the basics so far (more to come, of course!), and already have over 50 throwing techniques lined up for you.

Click here if you're looking for No-gi Judo throws - Judo geared for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

We've got the traditional throws videos organized into the 5 groups of the traditional Kodokan Judo's  "Gokyo No Waza" (literally translates to "5 sets of techniques").  They are often used as a way to separate the various belt level requirements, for example, group 1 = yellow belt, group 2 - orange, and so on.

However, don't make the mistake of thinking the earlier groups are easier to master or are less effective than the later ones!  In fact, in tournament judo, some of the most frequently and high scoring throws are found in group 1 (yellow belt).  And the very first throw - De Ashi Harai - is often the last one the people manage to master because of the precise timing required to get it to work!

After you view a Judo throw video, be sure to scroll down and see the text comments we've made for each one - sometimes describing in more detail how to do the throw, and often critiquing our own technique.  We definitely don't consider ourselves "masters" and are constantly working to improve.

Please choose a group of Judo throws to look at:

Ikkyo (First Set of  Traditional Judo Throws, aka Yellow Belt)

Nikyo (Second Group of Traditional Judo Throws, aka Orange Belt)

Sankyo (Third Group of Traditional Judo Throws, aka Green Belt)

Yonkyo (Fourth Group of Traditional Judo Throws, aka Blue Belt)

Gokyo (Fifth Group of Traditional Judo Throws, aka Brown Belt)

You may have noticed that there isn't a group for "Black Belt"... In Canada, for shodan (first degree black belt), proficiency must be achieved in All the above judo throws + All the breakfalls + All the groundholds + All the chokes + All the joint locks + Nage No Kata.



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